• Girl, 4, who's only eaten yoghurt - her entire life

    Little Emilie-Lea Hayward (corr) munches through an incredible 30 pots Petits Filous every day and will only eat the raspberry and strawberry She refuses to eat any solid food
  • Thank you cows - Official Müller Corner Ad

    Mary gives us natural dairy So we made her dream come true and gave her a beach to gallop Go on girl,
  • Kelly Rutherford on "Good Day New York"

    Check out Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford talking about Muller yogurt on "Good Day New
  • Müllerlight® Greek "Soya" Yogurt Ad

    Advert broadcast on UK Despite the actresses saying the yoghurt is "SOYA" and can clearly be heard as such, the product is not Soya and on contacting Muller they deny that she s...
  • Mullerlicious - Nicole Scherzinger commercial for Muller

    Müller has launched a campaign starring the X Factor judge and former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger to promote its luxury The ad, which was created by VCCP,
  • Worst Ads of 2012 #2: Muller Yogurt - It's A Myth

    An Advertising Breaks Review DO YOU BELIEVE IT? [/the end of that one Tom & Jerry]
  • Muller Rice Strawberry Yoghurt Review

    Today we inspect Muller strawberry rice

    franki se la prende col barattolo di
  • New Nicole Scherzinger Muller Yoghurt advert
  • Dünyanın en seksi askeri: Shlomit Malka

    Dünyanın en seksi askeri: Shlomit Malka israeli female soldiers,hottest female soldiers,good looking female soldiers,the most gorgeous female soldiersShlomit is a soldier who ...
  • Yogurt Girl

    Parodia de la cancion U-Go-Girl de Hyori Lee
  • Ohayo Yogurt Girl Song

    A song I created on the spot based upon my infatuation with the Ohayo yogurt This is the original version of the Recorded back in November
  • girl eating yogurt

    mental girl eating


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