• US Model of 1917 Enfield Eddystone Sporterized from Military Mongrel

    My grandpappy brought this gun home from About 5 years ago I cut it down to I didn't like the ears on top or the length of the barrel so I cut them off and ground them
  • Eddystone Model of 1917

    1918 production M1917 rifle produced by Eddystone a subsidiary of Sorry I had a cold when I made this video that and Android phone had a crappy
  • Model of 1917 Remington Eddystone

    Got this Eddystone Model of 1917 I think it goes something like US Rifle Model of It's in and should be a good Turns out the action is bedded,
  • eddystone model-1917 30.06

    eddystone M-17 310yard propane tank
  • 1903 Springfield and 1917 Enfield

    While going through the gun vault searching for a cure for my itchy trigger finger, these 2 pieces of history just seemed to jump out at As I couldn't choose between them, I dec...
  • 1917 Eddystone vs 1lb tannerite explosive target

    1917 Eddystone 30-06 in a Boyd Monty Carlo stock, with a Pathfinder scope, free floating barrel and polished 1st Shot with cold bore @ 100 yards on a 1lbs canister of
  • Custom Rifle 1917 Enfield modified part 1- Gunsmithing

    This is just a general overview of some of the thing that need to be done to make one of these into a nice sporting I left out quite a few detail, and when talking about the
  • Historic Rifle Videos To Come

    It's been a long hard Felt good to get out to the gun garage to make a video, even if it's just a preview of what's on the horizon for the I will be doing videos on the
  • How To Fieldstrip a 1917 Enfield Rifle

    Mainly to share with my bro who hasn't yet taken down this rifle yet, but owns Hopefully it helps anyone else who's looking for a well-lit video of how to fieldstrip this
  • Proper Cheek-Weld is a Must

    Taking a shot with the Eddystone US Model of 1917 30-06, at a 4 inch target, 200 yards downrange; hit! I am testing the cheek-riser that was made for This is the lowest sight se...
  • Custom Rifle 1917 Enfield modified part 2- Gunsmithing

    This is a few things I left out in the first
  • 500 Yard Eddystone M. 1917 30-06

    In my earlier 500 yard videos I thought I didn't hit the target, I was wrong, I grazed it! I was looking at the jug again and noticed a nick in it, so I reviewed the videos and ...
  • World War 1 Sniper Rifles

    World War 1 Trench Rifles & their Sniper Scopes - WW1 Weapons During World War 1 , both the Allies and the Central Powers used a variety of snipers rifles with a multitude o...


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