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    CERTIFICAZIONE UNICA 2015 COMUNICATO AL PERSONALE Si informano i signori ex dipendenti delle Aziende: • Alitalia Linee Aeree Italiane in a.s.
  • Alitalia Amministrazione Straordinaria

    Alitalia Amministrazione Straordinaria

    Sito ufficiale delle societ Alitalia, Alitalia Servizi, Alitalia Airport, Alitalia Express, Volare in Amministrazione Straordinaria
  • Anxiety and tendon pain? Hands and feet mostly.

    Anxiety and tendon pain? Hands and feet mostly.

    This isn't causing me Health Anxiety (yet), which is partially what got me into this mess, but I thought I'd share. The tendons in my hands and feet are annoying me.

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